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To produce hemp in Mississippi, a license or authorization under a state hemp, court or USDA hemp program is essential. A program whose licensing depends primarily on the location of the hemp growing facility.

The Mississippi Hemp Farming Act, it should be noted, was enacted on June 29, 2020 to legalize the cultivation of hemp for the state plan to be implemented by the Commissioner of Agriculture and Commerce. And whose mandatory requirement is the hemp cultivation license.

Mississippi Industrial Hemp Legislation

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Below is the history of Mississippi hemp bills that have progressed through the state capitol over time. Today, Mississippi has legalized hemp cultivation, but without regulating production. As a result, any producer must submit the license application directly to the USDA.

 An act authorizing the cultivation, processing and transportation of hemp in order to comply with all federal laws and USDA plans.

  • Status: signed into law by Governor Reeves on June 29, 2020


An Act to authorize the cultivation and handling of industrial hemp, require licensing of hemp growers by the Department of Agriculture and Trade, require record keeping, seed retention and inspections, provide for licensing and renewal fees, impose civil penalties for violations of such Act.

  • 41-29-113 and 69-1-13, Mississippi Code of 1972.


Authorization of the cultivation and handling of industrial hemp to define specific thermals, require licensing of hemp growers in accordance with agreements with the Department of Agriculture and Commerce.


Industrial hemp: Legalization and regulation for specific purposes. Introduced on 1/20/2014 and referred to the Agriculture and Judiciary committees.

How to apply for a hemp production license from USDA

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To apply for a USDA hemp production license, you must:

  • Create an account on the official HEMP
  • Use HEMP to submit a USDA hemp application.
  • Copy of your FBI criminal history report.
  • With everything in order, USDA hemp production licenses will be active for 3 years unless the State of Mississippi initiates a state hemp production program.

It should be noted that persons with felony convictions related to controlled substances in the last 10 years will not receive a hemp production license.

In addition, the program under which the license is obtained will depend on where the hemp crop is grown. If you have questions about whether you can apply for a USDA hemp program license, you should email . Similarly, you can contact to request a PDF version of the USDA license application.

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