how to smoke a cigar

Cigar smoking can be a relaxing and enjoyable hobby for those who appreciate the flavors and aromas of tobacco. However, smoking a cigar is not as simple as lighting it up and puffing away. In this article, we will provide a beginner’s guide on how to smoke a cigar properly.

Step 1: Choosing the right cigar

The first step in smoking a cigar is choosing the right one. Cigars come in different shapes, sizes, and strengths, so it’s important to choose one that suits your taste and experience level. For beginners, it’s recommended to start with a mild to medium-bodied cigar. Look for cigars that are well-rolled and have a smooth wrapper.

Step 2: Cutting the cigar

Once you’ve chosen your cigar, the next step is to cut it. Use a cigar cutter to make a clean cut about 1/16 to 1/8 of an inch from the end of the cap. Be careful not to cut too much of the cap as this can cause the cigar to unravel. If you don’t have a cigar cutter, you can use a sharp knife or scissors.

Step 3: Lighting the cigar

Now that your cigar is cut, it’s time to light it. Use a butane lighter or a wooden match to light the foot of the cigar. Hold the cigar at a 45-degree angleand rotate it slowly while applying the flame. Be patient and take your time with this step, as rushing it can lead to an uneven burn.

Step 4: Puffing on the cigar

Once your cigar is lit, it’s time to start puffing. Take slow and steady draws, and avoid inhaling the smoke into your lungs. Instead, let the smoke linger in your mouth for a few seconds before exhaling. This will allow you to appreciate the flavors and aromas of the cigar.

Step 5: Handling the ash

As you smoke your cigar, the ash will begin to accumulate. It’s important to handle the ash carefully to prevent it from falling onto your clothes or furniture. Tap the ash gently into an ashtray, and try to keep the ash as long as possible. A long ash indicates that the cigar is well-constructed and burning evenly.

Step 6: Knowing when to stop

Knowing when to stop smoking your cigar is important. As you approach the end of the cigar, the flavors and aromas will become more intense. However, once the cigar starts to taste bitter or harsh, it’s time to put it out. Don’t try to smoke the entire cigar if it no longer tastes good.

how to smoke a cigar.


In conclusion,R smoking a cigar can be a relaxing and enjoyable experience if done properly. Remember to choose the right cigar, cut it properly, light it carefully, puff itslowly, handle the ash with care, and know when to stop. With these simple steps, you can enjoy the flavors and aromas of a good cigar and make the most of your smoking experience.

It’s worth noting that cigar smoking should be done in moderation and with caution. Cigars contain nicotine and other harmful substances that can be addictive and have health consequences if smoked regularly. Always smoke in a well-ventilated area and avoid exposing others to secondhand smoke.

With that said, if you’re interested in trying out cigar smoking, follow these steps and enjoy the experience. Remember to take your time and savor the flavors and aromas of the cigar. Who knows, you may just discover a new hobby that you’ll enjoy for years to come.

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